"New England Clam Chatter" the 4th Petrified Minguz album 2014.

"THC" Turtle Handz Cord. A new tag team has been created to become champions of the galaxy. 2014

"B-Sides The Point" The 3rd album from Petrified Minguz 2014

"Super Tokyo Pig Pop Overthrow" (Delux) 2013

"1992" The Petrified Minguz. 2013

"The Discontinuation of the Sound You Know" Petrified Minguz 2013


Mon Amour"

Turtle Handz & Leo & Pipo

Raw Version 2013


Mon Amour" Turtle Handz & Leo & Pipo French Version. 2011

"THMM Bonus Tracks with acappellas for you remixers. 2011

"THMM" Turtle Handz & MegaMaeng 20 track ep, 2011

"Super Tokyo Pig Pop Overthrow" 

15 track album 2009

"Style Clash" 6 track ep, 2009

"THX+" 9 track demo 2008

"Kotetsu Ziigu Attack" 2006

14 track Ep, re-released 2012

"Green With Envy" 2006 

15 track album

"The Truth About Robots" Hey Wired For Sound. 2005

"Robot Conspiracy in the Land of Gobble-D-Gook" 2005

"Freedom First Safety Second" Jargon EFX 2004